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思亞與 Shoreline 社區學院關係密切

Dear Wing and Craig:

I arrived back in Seattle last Sunday and have been back at work in the office this week. I think I’ve finally re-adjusted to Seattle time – it does take a few days…!

Anyway, I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to both of you for all the work you continue to do and for your ongoing friendship and relationship with Shoreline. I always enjoy going to Hong Kong and having a chance to visit with you both as well as other CJR staff…

I’m looking forward to seeing the new CJR students here on campus in just a couple of weeks. And I hope to see you both again next summer.

I hope you’ll get a bit of a rest after you put the last group of fall-departing students on the airplane…!

Take care –

Lisa Hirayama, M.Ed.

Academic Advisor - International Programs

Shoreline Community College