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美國社區學院 Highline 主任的話

讀國際關係 (International Relations) 的強校

"Yes, we have several professors (5-6 of them) whose field is “International Relations”. Because our faulty has a Doctor's degree and Graduate School required them to narrow their specialty (Within the study of “International Relations” there are so many specialized fields such as politics, economics, trades, etc. )

One professor's degree is from the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in the area of international economics. One professor's degree is International Relations from the geographic stand point from UC Berkeley (involving lots of international relations.) One professor's specialty is comparative politics within “International Relations”. And we have many courses related to international relations.

In addition, Amee Moon, Associate Director of International Student Programs has a degree in International Relation, too, from American University in Washington D.C. So Amee would be happy to talk to the student about her experience being International Relations major and guide the student to the same direction."

美國 Highline

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  • 主修與前途-精算
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  • 主修與前途-國際關係
  • 主修與前途-酒店管理
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