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意大利意大利設計名校-Istituto Superiore di Design

The Istituto Superiore di Design (ISD) is the first Institute in Southern Italy that operates in the field of professional academic training for fashion, graphic and design.

The ISD, with its Department of Fashion and Textile Design, in view of adapting its teaching offer to the Market, offers to young students a wide range of courses to train professionals able to fit in different sectors of the fashion industry:

  • from training aspects and organization of creative and production processes
  • to the promotion of Fashion (retail design).
  • For each of these professional figures, ISD sets specific curricula, designed and adapted to the changing dynamics and trends of the Market, namely, the new language of business communication and consumer involvement.



美國El Camino Community College

The Fashion department of El Camino College, an integral program in the Division of Industry and Technology. Our primary goal is student success. We strive to achieve the following objectives: (詳情)

  • To exceed the educational needs of students entering the Fashion department for a "first look around" or as declared Fashion majors.
  • To provide support through campus counseling and networking with industry professionals.
  • To encourage teamwork and student awareness of the changing and fast-paced Fashion Industry through the campus club, "Tailor Made."
  • To graduate students ready for entry-level positions within the Fashion industry job market.


美國Santa Monica College

The Associate degree in Fashion Design & Merchandising involves satisfactory completion of a minimum of 60 semester units with a C average or higher including at least 40 semester units in the Fashion Design area of emphasis (articulated below), fulfillment of the Global Citizenship requirement, and fulfillment of all Santa Monica College general education requirements, CSU GE or IGETC. (詳情)


美國Seattle Central Community College

The Apparel Design Program at Seattle Central Community College is highly reputed as the most technically oriented program in the region and as a center of innovative and creative learning for men and women interested in acquiring practical knowledge and skills for entry level employment in the apparel design field.

The curriculum is a full-time six quarter program offering an associate of applied science degree. The technical focus of the curriculum is enhanced by a strong creative design component and emphasis on computer applications.


  • ready-to-wear and custom construction;
  • production patternmaking;
  • computer applications,
  • design, color and textiles,
  • fashion history,
  • business practices,
  • portfolio and resume development.

Practical work experience is integrated through the completion of a supervised internship in the industry.


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  • 主修與前途-商科
  • 主修與前途-精算
  • 主修與前途-設計
  • 主修與前途-電腦
  • 主修與前途-建築
  • 主修與前途-航空
  • 主修與前途-數學
  • 主修與前途-哲學
  • 主修與前途-歷史
  • 主修與前途-生物學
  • 主修與前途-營養師
  • 主修與前途-社會學
  • 主修與前途-物理學
  • 主修與前途-人類學
  • 主修與前途-職能治療
  • 主修與前途-工商管理
  • 主修與前途-物理治療
  • 主修與前途-放射治療
  • 主修與前途-時裝設計
  • 主修與前途-國際關係
  • 主修與前途-酒店管理
  • 主修與前途-人類發展學
  • 主修與前途-音樂 Music
  • 主修與前途-護士 Nursing
  • 主修與前途-醫科 Medline
  • 主修與前途-牙醫Dentistry
  • 主修與前途-葯劑Pharmacy
  • 主修與前途-獸醫Veterinary
  • 主修與前途-電影製作及演藝
  • 主修與前途-工程 Engineering
  • 主修與前途-健康科學 Health Science