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Overseas Education

Given our increasingly global world, language skills and familiarity with different cultures are highly valuable assets in the workplace. Longer periods of study abroad help students cultivate these crucial abilities. Immersion into an English-language environment enables students to develop greater linguistic and cultural fluency. Studying abroad is a big life decision, and consequently, brings many life rewards as well. Students learn responsibility, maturity, self-sufficiency, and assertiveness as they engage with the novel experiences of a different country.

Furthermore, the classroom setting in universities, colleges, and high schools abroad often enables students to experience a different mode of learning. Lively discussions, content taken beyond the scope of the syllabus alone, emphasis on critical thinking, and hands-on application of material give Hong Kong students the chance to encounter ideas from a new, exciting perspective.

CJR is your one-stop base for your applications to schools overseas. We have established close, reciprocal connections with high schools, community colleges, and universities all over the world. We provide facilities for writing entrance exams to schools abroad, support for obtaining the necessary documents to stay in another country, and assistance for submitting the strongest application possible to your schools of choice.

Most importantly, we help each client determine the program and institution best suited to their needs and interests. We boast an extensive library of resources on everything from writing the TOEFL exam to the weather in the mid western United States in June. Our career and education counselors, under the direction of Dr. Wing CHENG, expertly tailor a program of study to your specifications.

CJR specializes in applications to
  • high schools
  • foundation year programs
  • community colleges
  • universities
In the following countries:
We also offer support for any other applications to any other institutions abroad.





  1. Academic Asia 輔導留學中心: http://www.academic-asia.com
  2. ACE 海外升學顧問: http://www.ace-hk.org
  3. Amber 琥珀教育: http://www.amberedu.com.hk
  4. British United 英倫海外升學中心: http://www.britishunited.net
  5. 本公司 CJR Education 思亞升學: http://www.cjredu.com.hk
  6. Dadi 大地升學: http://www.dadi.com.hk
  7. EF 遊學留學: http://www.ef.com.hk
  8. IDP 國際教育中心: http://www.hongkong.idp.com
  9. Litz 麗斯美國留學中心: http://www.litzusa.com
  10. HKOSC 學聯海外升學中心: http://www.hkosc.com.hk



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