想入加州 UC Berkeley 或 UCLA

僧多粥少,如果你的唯一理想大學是 UC BerkeleyUCLA, 社區學院最好讀加州本土而又成績優異的社區學院,例如 FoothillDe AnzaSanta MonicaEl CaminoGlendaleOhlone,憑自己勤力和天聰加上思亞的指導就有大好機會入讀 UC Berkeley 或 UCLA。毋須多給任何中介公司服務費!


Foothill De Anza 接受 iTEP 成績, 思亞升學有得考

入 UC Berkeley 的方法:
思亞•De Anza•UC Berkeley 舊生分享



De Anza College

De Anza College 優越之處

  • 香港學生和家長最熟識的社區學院之一
  • 有 100 多個大學轉讀主修和專業認證課程 (商科、電影到法學預科和企業網路) 可供選擇
  • 提供超過 80 個轉讀課程,可衍接美國 3000 所大學主修學科
  • TOP 5 熱門科目是工商管理、人文科學及藝術、視覺及演藝、健康科學、生物化學等學科
  • 優等生方案 "Honors Program" 讓符合資格的學生獲特殊的嘉獎和獎學金
  • 美國建築師協會評鑑 Foothill 為「最美麗的社區學院」
  • 校園先進設施包括現代化校園中心、生命科學、表演藝術、環境研究中心等,不單獲得獎項,而且為學生帶來最佳的學習環境
  • Foothill 和 De Anza 畢業生能順利轉讀頂尖大學包括
    • Columbia
    • Cornell
    • Standford
    • UCLA
    • UC Berekeley
    • U of Michigan
    • U of Oregon
    • U of Washington 等等..
  • 全年有300天是晴天,平均氣溫 21 度,洋溢純天然加州風情
  • 座落在世界知名的矽谷中心,蘋果電腦、雅虎、Google、Adobe、eBay、思科、Facebook和6000多家其他科技大廠總部均設於附近,到此一遊,是你窺知科技產業面貌及其創新精神的絕佳機會

  • 為新生提供4天的熟悉環境活動,其中包含完備的選科及文化咨詢
  • 每個校區都有六個全職顧問提供生活咨詢,確保國際學生從註冊到畢業之後求職都能獲得充份的協助
  • 美國住宿家庭經嚴格挑選,安全可靠,學生入住當中可融入美國文化,並有很多學習英文的機會

  • 攻讀建築的途徑
  • 2011新生定向
Recent Transfer Success
  • Fall 2011: Foothill and De Anza (FHDA) had 119 international students accepted to UC Berkeley!
  • Fall 2010: FHDA had 154 international students accepted to UCLA and 87 to UC Berkeley!
  • FHDA had a sizeable number of students admitted to many excellent universities this fall, including USC (University of Southern California), UC San Diego, UCLA, Cornell, Santa Clara University, Harvard, Indiana University at Bloomington, Purdue, Smith College, University of Denver, University of Michigan, John Hopkins, University of Illinois, University of Minnesota, and many, many more!
  • We now have Transfer Admission Guarantees (TAGs) with UC San Diego and UC Santa Barbara in addition to 14 others!  The GPA requirements for some TAGs have changed.  Please see the attached updated Transfer Flyer for more information.
What Makes De Anza Special?
  • Exceptional transfer rate. De Anza consistently ranks #1 or #2 in the state for the total number of students who annually transfer to UC and CSU campuses.
  • Top Animation Program. Our Animation Program was listed as one of the top 15 classic-degreed animation programs on the country, according to Animation Magazine. Also ranked in the same list were programs at New York University, UCLA and USC.
  • Top athletes. Our 19 men's and women's intercollegiate teams have done so well in Coast conference competition that they earned the Bud Ottmar Award for 11 consecutive years.
What We Can Offer You

Attending De Anza can make a difference in your life. Here are some highlights of what we have to offer.

  • Excellent career and technical programs.
    De Anza offers two-year transfer programs and high-demand career programs leading to an Associate in Arts or an Associate in Science degree. In addition, certificates of achievement and advance achievement are awarded upon satisfactory completion of certain vocational programs that require less than two years of study. 

  • High quality education at a low cost.
    For community colleges on the quarter system, feesare $24 a unit for California residents. Students also pay for books, parking, instructional materials fees, a Campus Center use fee, a health services fee and an optional fee to support student government programs.

  • A wide variety of academic choices.
    You can pursue your education during the day, evening or on weekends. In addition to traditional lecture courses, we offer Distance Learning classes, an Honors Programinterdisciplinary coursesopen entry and exit laboratories and courses that rely on collaborative learning

  • Opportunities for students of every background.
    De Anza's multicultural community provides a welcoming and supportive environment for all students. We have an excellent International Student Program, serving nearly 800 students from all over the world. Students of all ages come to De Anza to learn, discover and improve the quality of their lives. Our support services for students with disabilities have become models for other community colleges. 

  • Services that promote student success.
    Because De Anza places a high priority on the academic and personal success of its students, comprehensive services are readily available in counselingtutoring and financial aid

  • Guaranteed admission to select universities. 
    De Anza has established transfer admission agreements with 12 four-year colleges and universities. Students who fulfill the requirements outlined in the agreement with a specific college are guaranteed admission to that college.

  • State-of-the-art equipment and facilities.
    More than 1,100 computers are available to students on campus. You may use the Open Media Lab to do homework, surf the Internet, view videotapes or listen to audio tapes. Advanced Technology Center facilities include the Business and Computer Systems Lab, animation and digital media labs, a screening theater, sound recording studio, Silicon Graphics Lab and more.

  • Resources open to the local community.
    You'll find ongoing activities in the Visual & Performing Arts Center, the Euphrat Museum of Art,  the Fujitsu Planetarium at De Anza College and California History CenterCommunity Education provides noncredit programs and short courses for people of all ages. Offerings include a summer youth programFlint Center for the Performing Arts is also located on the De Anza campus and offers a variety of events to enjoy.

City Information

Foothill and De Anza Colleges are located in the cities of Los Altos Hills and Cupertino respectively, each only about 45 minutes away from San Francisco and 10 minutes away from UC Berkeley, Stanford University and UC Santa Cruz. The cities’ location along the edge of the Santa Clara Valley contributes to a mild climate, with no snow in the winter, maximum temperatures of 27 degrees Celsius in the summer and almost 310 days of sunshine a year. These two cities are the heart of Silicon Valley and are home to major companies such as Apple, Hewlett-Packard (HP, and Yahoo. These cities are predominantly white, non-Hispanic cities, with a significant percentage of affluent Asian (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) populations in Cupertino as well. Students attending Foothill or De Anza will fly into the San Francisco International Airport. They may also choose to fly to San Jose International Airport, but connections are less convenient.

多謝 Foothill•De Anza, 更多謝家長學生和 Homestay 的 Jean Ikede, 通過大家合作和協調, 2011秋季同學的住宿全部滿意解決! 家長同學們, 請聯絡我們, 事事都樂意跟進!


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  • 生物,
  • 環境科學,
  • 電視製作,
  • 電影製作,
  • 動畫,
  • 幼兒教育,
  • 圖像設計,
  • 護士,
  • 人文及社會科學,
  • 工商管理,
  • 傳理,
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  • 會計,
  • 汽車科技,
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  • 藥劑,
  • 獸醫,
  • 通訊,
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