You Get to Make Movies!

Thank you! Thank you!

What a great job! If you're fortunate, you're a part of cultural events more immediate, more lasting and even more enlightening than most anything else that man has ever created: You get to make movies.

The truth is, I have been blessed beyond the definition of "good fortune," for a long, long while, for most of my life, I've made friends like you all. I've become a better artist by collaborating with each one of you. And if we haven't worked together. I've seen your stuff, and I've stolen from you. Ripped you off! And I've been rewarded for my larceny with longevity. You see, when you work in the movies, part of you gets to live forever.

The idea that you can single out one's life achievement in work, of course, cannot be considered a substitute for one's achievements in life. And there, already, my friends, I have been blessed beyond deserving. Since 1988, I have been happy family, who are here tonight. I have friends here from Oakland and Sacramento, Cleveland, Manhattan. I get to share this moment with my mom, right here in the room íV Hi Mom. With my sister, Sandra, my two brothers íV Jimmy, Larry. With whom I share a secret language. I have four kids: Colin, Elizabeth, Chester and Truman, each one of them more accomplished and centered at their ages than their father ever was. Each more íK (laughter and applause)íK as you can see, each one is more entertaining and inspiring than any of their father's job.

íK but each one is a very special example of how gloriously good people can be. And I'm here because of my wife, Rita Wilson. As you've seen again and again just in tonight, she is the motivation of my best work. I wish everyone could share their life with as good a friend, as passionate a lover, as close a partner, and as beautiful a woman as I've been able to with the mate of my soul, Rita Wilson.